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We've got a lot to do...

After a few months (a year?) away, I'm back and ready to get started with some major projects. My son was born in December of 2019, and we all know what happened in the world a few months after. Add to that moving from Virginia to Alaska by way of driving across Canada in the middle of a global pandemic, finding a property lot, a builder, and starting construction on our new home in Anchorage - things have been quite busy!

I've been fortunate to have a steady stream of PNC business to keep me busy, and have been making swag for military units around the globe. Recently I've been shipping to Japan, Alaska, Virginia,

Vegas and Italy - I love knowing that my work is so


I've also been working on some quilts for myself - finishing up some holiday and winter theme beauties, including a gorgeous fall Agnes Quilt (Pattern by Penelope Handmade, Fabric Bundle "Pumpkin Spice" from FabricBubb), a black and white Knitted Star (Pattern by Lo and Behold, Art Gallery Fabric Pure Solids), and this week I am putting some finishing touches on my Silent Night quilt by The Pattern Basket using all Robert Kaufman Essex Linens. I have been hand quilting my with Rifle Paper Co just released some new Garden Party Prints which I plan to make a gorgeous Maypole Quilt with by Suzy Quilts.

This two beauty was quilted by Debbie of Sweet Little Quilts - in the Nova Panto, she does amazing work!

But let's get to the big stuff... the house. When Terry and I were making plans prior to moving to Alaska, I was ready to dive deep into a fixer upper - and he definitely was NOT. We agreed to meet in the middle and build a new house, so long as I could do some of the projects myself. Here's a list of what I'll be doing myself:

  • Master Closet Build Out

  • Kids Closet Build Out

  • Pantry Build Out

  • Laundry Room Herringbone Brick Floors

  • Outdoor Kitchen

  • Outdoor Fireplace

  • Live Edge Entry Desk

  • Entryway Lockers

  • Studio Cabinetry Buildout

  • Playhouse and Outdoor Extravaganza

  • Indoor Playroom Extravaganza

Want to see progress so far? Here's a look at all that has been accomplished since last summer.

My goal this year is now that the kids are a bit older, to make my business a priority, blogging, posting and sharing with you all - and grow!

Just last week our house was painted, and this week trim is being installed! We should be moving in in the next few months - stay tuned for the next post where I share our floorpan, and how we decided on the design for our house! What do you want to know about building a house? Construction? Loans? Finding a builder? Financing? Leave your questions below!


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