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Farmhouse Rustic Hallway Bench

This weekend I was able to cross another project big project off my list - completing my Farmhouse Rustic X Hallway Bench.

PearlsNCotton DIY Rustic Entry Bench

I have had this wicker bench in my hallway for years and years, I think I bought it somewhere in Japan.

Existing Bench

Over time and multiple moves it has gotten more and more beaten up, the cover has permanent stains, and it becomes a storage zone for crap. Crap I haven't seen or needed since I don't know when.

Messy bench

DVDs? Do we still have a DVD player?

When considering replacements I wanted something lower profile, that wouldn't stick out as far into the entryway, and also have more room for more butts. The previous bench is a landing zone for the diaper bag, and once the diaper bag was on it, there was no room for people.

Here's what I found doing some quick online shopping

You guys, these are expensive... and why would I spend that kind of money? They're super easy to build!

I came across these plans on Ana White's website for the Large Rustic X Bench and it was a perfect size for our needs! She also designed this project to be used without a kreg jig, which makes it super approachable for anyone new to making their own furniture.

Here are the tools and materials I used, and the total cost of the project.

4 8' Pine 1x3 = 29.04

1 8' Pine 1x2 = 4.42

1 6' Pine 1x12 = 17.72

Total = 67.66

(plus hardware, and Jacobean Stain I had on hand)

I went with L Brackets to secure the top to the bench, it was the fastest and easiest way!

Ace 1 in. H x 2.75 in. W x 1 in. D Zinc Corner Brace Inside L

L Brackets - PearlsNCotton DIY Rustic Entry Bench

The build took me about 2 hours, plus a few days for painting and staining with dry time.

PearlsNCotton DIY Rustic Entry Bench

I sealed the top part of the bench, just in case any wet butts, shoes, or clothes find their way onto the bench.

PearlsNCotton DIY Rustic Entry Bench

I love how it looks, and it fits perfectly in our space, and it's a heck of a lot cheaper than what I found online! I still need to get some furniture feet so it doesn't scratch the hardwood floors, but as far as I'm concerned, it's done! Good luck with your DIY projects, I'd love to see pictures! Share on my Facebook page or on Instagram and tag @pearlsncotton

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