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Basting: not turkeys, quilts!

Ever wondered how to baste a quilt? Well, as I've said before, there is never only one way to do things - here's what works for me!

1. Iron quilt backing and quilt top (Do not iron Minky fabrics!) 2. Clear and clean a workspace like the floor or a large dining room table 3. Place your quilt backing "right" side down. The "right" side will be the side showing when your quilt is finished. 4. Pull the fabric taut - without stretching - and tape corners and along edges 5. Lay out quilt batting. 6. Baste - Spray a 6" - 10" strip (start small), and lay batting on top. Press layers together from the center out. Spray basting has the stickiness of a post-it note, so it can be readjusted. 7. Repeat for the entire length of the quilt. 8. Repeat steps 5, 6, and 7 for quilt top.

Happy Sewing,


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